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Concrete Patios

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Appleton Concrete can install new gray concrete patios in Appleton, WI. We us only quality concrete materials with rod rebar reinforcement, and place with exceptional workmanship.

We take our time, working with you to design a concrete patio to your wants and needs.

Appleton Concrete can provide concrete patio installation and replacement services. We can demolish cement patios and replace your old concrete patio and replace it with a brand new concrete patio. 

Appleton Concrete can remove concrete patios in Appleton, WI. We can replace old concrete patios with a new concrete patio. We can easily remove concrete patios in a short time and replace your cement patio with new professionally installed concrete patio. Removing concrete patios can be very difficult if you do not have the proper equipment. You do not want to damage your house when you are removing concrete patio.

Appleton Concrete can repair concrete patios in Appleton, WI. If we cannot fix your concrete patio, we would be able to give you a price to remove and replace your old concrete patio. Concrete removal can be very difficult without the proper equipment. 

Appleton Concrete can install new decorative stamped concrete patios. We also install colored concrete patios.
Check out our decorative stamped concrete pages: Decorative Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Colored Concrete.

For more information and ideas on decorative stamped concrete check out

Here is the links to the decorative stamped concrete colors and textures. 
Stamped concrete integral. 
Stamped concrete release.
Stamped concrete textures

We also install brick pavers patios or brick paver inlays.

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Our brand new concrete patio looks better than I had imagined.

Concrete patio prices can very from project to project of difference sizes. The larger the concrete project the better the price of a concrete patio per sq. ft will be.. We can pour almost any size concrete patio and give you competitive price on a concrete patio.

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